Jack Duncan Rhodes Foundation

Good Mental Health And Encourage Help-seeking. Everyone Deserves Good Mental Health.

Our Mission

Most kids see it as a heart-wrenching challenge to interact with people and relations because of some nasty experiences that crushed their self-esteem. Some teens suffer from depression or other anxiety disorders that can be treated.  The mission of the Jack Duncan Rhodes Foundation is to give these teens life and a chance to impact their world in a definite way and to prevent further occurrences of suicide and mental health issues. We also provide scholarship awards that will see selected teenagers through prestigious career fields where they can stand out as valuable instruments to their society.

We offer counseling services, fundraising activities and donations to other non-profit organizations that support the mental health wellbeing of teenagers. Being a non-profit foundation, we depend on funds and resources from the public to support these kids. There is so much we aim at achieving, and our dreams are so far becoming a reality.

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Our three pillars work together to give educators, family, friends, and professionals the tools to promote cultures around mental health among teenagers. The goal is to raise mental health awareness and to build an atmosphere where these teens can have their life back and a sense of belonging.

Teen Empowerment

There is so much every child can achieve if given the maximum support that they need. We aim at empowering teens with crafts and tools to keep the be successful. With this, our goal of implanting an independent mindset in the children can be achieved.

Career Development

Just as there are millions of career choices, every child is born with natural gifts and outstanding talents. But it can be difficult for these talents to unveil in their lives if not nurtured in the right atmosphere. We help these teens to discover themselves and build a career out of their gifts.

Family Engagement

Statistics have proven that a greater percentage of suicide cases started in their homes. We strive to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues. To encourage families to seek help for the family members that are suffering from depression or anxiety. We want to send the message that there is no shame in seeking help for mental health issues. The Jack Duncan Rhodes Foundation aims at sensitizing families that mental health counseling is a good thing when needed.

Mental Health & Statistics

On a global scale, one in every 10-19-year-olds suffers mental health issues at this stage, where anxiety depression and suicide lead the way among the causes of disabilities at adolescent age. Suicide stands as the fourth global cause of death among teenagers 15-19 years old. Neglecting mental health issues at an earlier age can disrupt the adulthood of the child.

Teenage years remain a sensitive period of one’s life, where any social, mental, or emotional habit acquired can drag through the rest of one’s life. These habits may include interpersonal relationships with people, solving problems, social buoyancy, and the likes. Teenagers can only scale through these hurdles if groomed in an atmosphere where there can thrive to the best of themselves. And that is what Jack Duncan Rhodes Foundation aims at achieving.

Jack Duncan Rhodes Scholarship

Jack Duncan Rhodes Scholarship was established in memory of Jack who lived in Amarillo all of his life and was a member of the First Presbyterian Church. Jack enjoyed so many things in life, especially playing his guitars and spending time with family and friends. The recipient must be an undergraduate full-time junior or senior psychology or social work major. Will consider graduate students majoring in psychology, social work, school counseling, or licensed professional counselor with preference to full-time enrollment. Also, the recipient must volunteer at Family Support Services or a similar non-profit organization Click Here.

Anxiety & Depression

As statistically proven by the National Institute of Mental Health, about 3.2 million people aged 12–17 years had at least one major episode of depression in 2017. And this could be traced down to genetic factors, traumas like sexual abuse and violence at a tender age, or an awkward environment that makes them think little of themselves. These factors have a high tendency of erupting mental-related issues and suicidal thoughts in the mind of teenagers. Jack Duncan Rhodes Foundation came with the mindset of breaking that barricade by supporting these teens and giving them a world of their own.


of college students experience significant mental health issues


of teens with depression can be successfully treated if they seek the right help

Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death
among 15-24 year olds

Over 70% of people who attempted suicide have an anxiety disorder

Our Impact

The journey has not been an easy ride, but against all odds, we’ve been able to reach out to hundreds of  teens, with  12 under our scholarship award program. And we are not stopping yet. The goal is to create suicide prevention awareness in every nook and cranny of the world. Despite the financial barriers, a lot of caring people have donated to the foundation, and there has been a huge advancement so far. But we still beckon for more support from the public and other independent organizations to push this foundation so that we are able to provide the support that is needed..

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